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Your business growth is vital. Without business growth you die. It’s that simple. It’s a race to the client. If you don’t adapt, adopt and create new marketing methods to outwit competitors you’re going to lose the race.

Competition Is Fierce

Your business, my business and your next door neighbours business are battling in a market where there are 30,000 marketing message for each person each year. This is a huge leap from the 3,000 messages we received ten years ago. The Internet and email can be pinpointed as the main reason for this. But there’s also been an explosion in TV and radio channels.

    “Your business profits are in danger of being flushed down the toilet if your prospects don’t hear your message.”

Complacency Kills Business

The biggest problem facing the star businesses today is complacency. They may not be complacent yet but there is a very strong possibility that as they dominate their market or niche they will start to believe their own press.

The result is that people begin to believe that they’re invincible and don’t change the status quo because they don’t need to. Business suicide is that simple.

Business stagnation begins. One by one your loyal client base begin to ask why they’re using your company anymore. You lose clients to other players. Companies that now offer what the market is specifically asking for. Then one day you file for bankruptcy. You’ve killed your company.

Everyone has heard of IBM, people in the UK of Marks & Spencers. The behaviour of both these organisations appeared complacent. They lost their market domination.

Increase Your Business Competence

Research shows that by improving competencies in your business you improve your business results. W Edwards Deming  is probably the most famous of the US quality gurus. After the end of the second World war he is credited with helping the Japanese become world leaders in selling quality products.

He helped the Japanese define their processes and then showed them how to continually improve the process until it was the best it could be.

The same principle applies to services, business processes, web sites, marketing and almost everything in business. If you improve one of the competencies in your business you improve the business. It may be a small improvement or it may be a large improvement. There are literally hundreds of competencies that are common to most successful firms. These include:

    • Your people
    • Who and how you recruit
    • time management
    • customer rapport
    • presentation skills
    • selling skills
    • team building skills
    • Your time management
    • How you get business
    • How you deal with people
    • Issue resolution

How do you choose a competency to work on that has the highest impact? It’s been shown that realistically you only need focus on each of 12 competencies to improve results dramatically.

Without innovation in service, product, processes and policies an organisational growth will slow and in cases where people don’t even notice it will die!

Don’t Let Your Organisation Die

How can you grab your prospects so they listen and call you up and don’t want to leave?! So your organisation does more than cling on to life.

You need Smart Marketing! Marketing that breaks the mould. Marketing that gets attention and sales!

But marketing by itself isn’t the answer. Your business needs to love your client, to serve them in an astounding way. You must improve your business, all the time.

You’re probably asking ”how am I expected to do that?

The answer is simple: By improving the competence of you and your staff.

Do something positive about it. To see how you can grow your business and your profits contact us now.