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Do You Have The Busy, Busy Syndrome?

Often busy people believe that they’re managing their time very effectively as they rush from supplier to customer to internal meetings. Do you think that?

In reality you can’t manage time. It just ticks by. But you can manage what happens during that time more effectively.

The problem with being busy is that you are working very hard. You may feel that you’re working all the hours under the sun. But do you really know whether your tasks are moving your company forward in the direction you want?

What Are The Musts of Time Management?

There are three musts of time management for any business. They are as follows:

  1. Have a company strategy
  2. Each person must work on tasks that affect strategy results first
  3. Ensure personal effectiveness management techniques are taught and used regularly

The fourth, and vital, must is “Practice what you preach”. Yes, you have to use the techniques too.

Training Is A Cost, Why Bother?

It is essential that you have an ongoing training programme that ensures staff are given personal management refreshers regularly.

With training staff become masters at personal management, at document management at planning, at whatever your business needs to grow and prosper.

With this backbone of personal management your business has the ability to grow with the same number of staff to levels that you wouldn’t have believed possible before.

Can’t I Let Them Learn From Doing?

Personal management covers a number of skills. A major point is to ensure that you have policies and procedures in place that everyone follows.

If you don’t set them up your staff will because they need to know how to deal with things. They may only be in their head or told to people as they join your company but they will be there.

The point is they will be created on an ad-hoc basis. They wont be linked into your strategy. They’re unlikely to be optimum for your business or your customers. Once there they can become difficult to replace.

So learning by doing is the fast way to make your staff ineffective and your business does not get the best value for money from everyone you employ.

How Can A Busy Person Get Training?

Acorn Service offers seminars covering Personal Effectiveness (Covering Time Management, Document Management, Self-Management, Attitude Management amongst others), Creating Company Strategy and Creating and Improving Policies and Procedures. Contact us for more details.

For a very busy person another approach is to take advantage of our fortnightly Business Owner Effectiveness Coaching.

This type of coaching covers a wide variety of areas, these include

  • strategy. 
  • marketing
  • recruitment
  • press releases
  • copy writing
  • selling effectiveness
  • projects management
  • operational effectiveness
  • effective IT and web use
  • policy and procedure production

Contact us if you feel that is more suitable for you.