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How Do I Out-Market Everyone?

Jay Abraham is probably the foremost marketing and business development guru alive today.

He’s studied the works of the marketing and advertising greats from history. people like Claude Hopkins and Obvious Adams.

  Often the books he’s read he’s read many times. During Jay’s working life he has come to understand and apply great marketing.

Copies of the books by the authors I mentioned can be found on the Internet for free. Anyone who uses marketing in their business (and that should be every business owner/director) needs to read and understand the principles spelled out in them.

Acorn Service understand and extend Jay’s  and other guru’s ideas and combine them with our own. We create new methods to help you improve and grow your business.

Simply setting your Unique Strategic Position or USP will differentiate you from your competition. Your USP is the benefits that you bring to your clients that your competitors don’t.

How Do I Know What To Charge Customers?

Most companies don’t really know how much they should charge for their product or service.

That means that they often charge cost plus a percentage profit.

But you could sell more at a lower price, or even sell less at a higher price. In both these cases you could make more profit than your current price. You’re right “how would you know”?

Testing Is The Way To Establish Price

Typically, people say

“If I raise my prices my customers would leave in droves”.

Is that assumption correct?

The short answer has to be “we don’t know”, we need to test that assumption. How do we do that? You ask your customers and prospects. You offer a small number of them goods and services at the various prices you want to test and measure the resulting sales.

Often day to day marketing of a company grows on an ad-hoc basis. That almost always leads to duplication and ineffectiveness.

Often people in the company see their own area but not the overall impact of all areas on marketing and operations. They don’t see  what should be done to improve matters.

An outside eye really helps in those circumstances.

How Do I Improve & Grow My Business?

Call us and we will buy you a £1,500 SAS review of your business.

The SAS review is a set of interviews with key staff then 2-3 key recommendations to improve your business. And you pay nothing!

Buying you a SAS Review shows you how we work. You then understand how we add further value to your business.

Looking at your company with intent ensures your business grows more intensively, Act now and contact us to arrange your SAS review.