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Your business growth depends on your ability to communicate. Can you?

Often the poor saps who have to make buying decisions, or want to influence them sit through hours of turgid PowerPoint presentations.

Somehow what makes it all so much worse is that the titles for these boring monologues is something like

  • “The WOW Factor”
  • “You Can Improve Your Business”
  • “5 Ways To Improve Your Debt Recovery Process
  • “Presentation For XYZ Company for Today’s Date”

Yes some of these sound like they could offer real interesting content.

Bitter experience tends to show that this is rarely the case.

I’ve mainly been on the dishing out side so I’ve seen the clients eye’s glaze. Usually as they watch a presentation that is fundamentally the same as that made by your top 3 competitors in the 50 minute slots before you.

Does it have to be this way!?

The short answer of course is yes and no.

Yes because until a company recognises the problem and addresses it in their business presentations everyone will be too fearful of being different and losing out because of it.

And No because you can change how your presentation is done. Acorn Service staff have had years of creating presentations to really wow audiences. You can get your presentation improved to a great extent. Call us to find out how.

There are a number of “rules” that help to get presentations going with a bang:

  1. Use Great Headlines Throughout - knock them dead
  2. Don’t start with boring stuff like who we are, our company history - weave that into your story
  3. Yes, weave a story of your presentation right from the start!
  4. Don’t EVER read from your presentation
  5. Have bullet points 1-7 words preferably
  6. Have a maximum of 7 lines and a headline
  7. Graphics help the story, but make them relevant
  8. It’s best to have your own pictures, particularly as people are now able to use digital cameras and camcorders.
  9. Finally give them an action at the end - what do you want them to do, to know, to understand.

I know we’re all told to tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them and tell them what you told them. That’s perfectly possible but do it through your story.

Finally good luck. For further help or a Presentation critique contact us now